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I’m sure you’ve heard some news recently about the long-term viability and sustainability of crypto and Bitcoin. There have been some naysayers and gloom and doom. And you know what? It’s ALL LIES! Lies spun by US-based traders who have a lot to lose by Bitcoin’s success.

Add in the fact that the reason so many members of the American Financial Elite are profiting off the ingenious cyber skills of Russian economists and you have all the earmarks of a capitalist crisis. For now, I want you to forget all of that and read what I have to say on this subject as someone who has reached millionaire status riding the wave of this remarkable legal currency. 

My name is Adrien and as an initial investor in crypto I have made, in returns, over 500000% ROI on the small amount of money I put in. Yes, THAT MANY ZEROS! And here’s the kicker – only a tiny portion of those profits were based in the popular crypto currencies like Bitcoin or Monaco. There is so much more out there for you to help you build wealth!

Before I made that initial investment, I was an apologist for the traditional stock market. I have always been risk averse, which is important for you to understand. I am not gambling with my livelihood by investing in crypto. On the contrary. I am putting my money in the SAFEST, STABILIST, AND MOST OPPORTUNITY LADEN marketplace in the world. Anyway, I had a 401K, mutual funds, and bonds. Does it get any more investment vanilla than that?

Then the crash of 2008 happened. I was fortunate. I had my assets in enough places to stave off ruin and that’s not to say I didn’t feel the impact. Friends? Family? They weren’t so lucky. These were bad times made worse by the awful advice advisors were feeding the collective us. “The market will course-correct.”, they’d say. Really?
While I was staying the course with my traditional assets, I dipped my toe in crypto. I thought, “What more do I have to lose?” Lose? Try GAIN! Let me repeat those numbers from earlier. 500000% ROI on my first investment! What’s your 401K done for you lately?

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